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How to Evaluate Fake and Biased Posts on Tumblr

Hey everyone, I’m really sick of so many people believing in posts that are obviously fake and/or trying to push forward biased opinions and I’m sick of so many people posting these fake and/or biased posts.

Now before you think that I’m crazy for putting this under the signal boost tag, please remember that knowing what I teach you right now is an important skill that can keep you from being tricked by others and is beneficial to you in your life.

So here’re instructions on how to develop your own opinion on a subject [not acting like gullible citizens who believe everything that’s fed to them] and determine what’s fake or and what’s real. It’s under the break.

So let’s address biased posts first, since this is the more important point I want to point out.

What’s a biased post? It’s an informative post that is emotionally charged, designed to evoke a specific emotional response from its readers, and shows only one side of an argument. It also often uses many descriptive adjectives that show the author’s personal opinion.

In my school, we’re taught the International Baccalaureate way of evaluating articles, which is the OPVL method. [Hey now, stuff we use in school is actually useful, ok?] What’s OPVL? It stands for, in terms of tumblr use:

  1. Origin (Who posted this? Is the poster trustworthy? Is s/he reputable?)
  2. Purpose (What’s the poster’s purpose? Is it to convince you to follor their stance in the argument? Does the poster have a specific purpose for posting whatever they posted?)
  3. Value (Why is this important to you?)
  4. Limitation (What does the poster not tell you?)

Let’s take this post I saw on my dash a couple of times today.


Most people’s responses go along the lines of this:

Hey this is horrible and is child abuse. Why the hell are the police cuffing a kid over $5 that was missing? The police are such horrible people! The justice system is completely out of control!

Ok, now as an active citizen of Tumblr or of any country, you must learn how to investigate such informative posts so you won’t be swayed by the content. Let’s OPVL this post:

  1. Origin: Not saying the URL of the poster, but the individual is a social justice blogger of the sensible part of the social justice blog spectrum. This person also majors in social subjects, which is good because this means this person is a professional in the social justice genre. This makes the poster a reliable source. But wait there’s more.
  2. Purpose: With words such as “abused,” “distraught,” and “‘crying,’” the post is telling us that something bad and unjust has happened. The poster is a social justice blogger. These fact points to the purpose, which is to inform the readers of an “unfair” treatment of a victim of the NYPD cops. Note how I put “unfair” in quotation marks. I haven’t formulated my own opinion about this subject yet, but the poster believes this is unfair, so I am quoting the poster.
  3. Value: What value does this have for me? Will it impact me if I listened to it? Well, it tells me that the police act “unfairly.” These cops can’t be trusted. I wouldn’t trust the NYPD if I believed this post.
  4. Limitation: Ok this one’s a biggie. What doesn’t this tell me? A whole damn lot I tell you. From this post, I only know the story from the point of view of the Wilson and Frances. What about the person Wilson reportedly took the $5 from? What about the interrogating police’s say about this? We don’t have any of those. This is a major limitation on this post, thus we can only trust it to the degree that the poster thinks this is unfair. It’s biased.

Now time to formulate our own opinion, not the poster’s. I’ll show you mine.

I went and googled more information on this article and found an article on the “victim” of the robbery. Apparently Wilson bullied, physically and verbally, a kid named Seth for a long time. The last straw was when Seth refused to give Wilson $5 for lunch money, causing Wilson to “punch and rob” Seth, according to the article. The police then arrested Wilson.

So now read the poster’s summary of the story and my summary of the article I found. What do you think? Did Wilson deserve this?

Here’s what I formulated:

Wilson is a bad kid, but he doesn’t deserve this treatment. He was a mean bully who deserved to get a good spanking, but the police severely overreacted by using extreme forms of interrogation usually reserved for adults who’ve committed heinous crimes.

After my OPVL and investigation, do you see how I formulated my own opinion on this topic? I wasn’t just regurgitating the poster’s opinion. Luckily. this wasn’t that big of a deal. The poster knew his stuff and is a good person who’s advocating awareness of abuse. It wasn’t like the poster was trying to convince me to become a mass murderer. But, I’ve seen tons of posts convincing people to do the craziest things. There were even posts that had underlying tones of communism and making people believe that communism is the way to go. The sad thing is, so many people believe it. It’s ridiculous. Don’t be those people.

Now for evaluating fake posts.

This one’s super easy. Just a quick google and you’ll be done.

Let’s look at this post:


The infamous Alexandria Genesis! Wow this sounds amazing huh? You get cool colored eyes and WOMEN DON’T GET THEIR PERIOD. That’s just fucking awesome. I mean, you can have kids and don’t ever have to go through period crams and mood swings. Wowowowowow.

Sounds too good to be true. Let’s google it.


Wait, “alexandria genesis fake" is a related search? what’s going on? Let’s click the link and check it out.

After going through some pages, we find this article. Now using our newly found OPVL skills, we find that the article is reliable, since it extensively covers the topic. Apparently, this Alexandria’s Genesis phenomenon is real but fake at the same time. People can have purple eyes. [As a biology nerd, I can assure you that this happens, albeit rarely.] But, they don’t get any cool characteristics other than those violet eyes. Too bad huh?


Now after reading this insanely long post, you’ve acquired a new skill, if you haven’t already had it, of evaluating info and busting myths. Great Job everyone!

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